Gimpshop – Image editing for Free



GIMP, which stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program has been around for a very, very long time as an alternative to Photoshop, or other costly programs.  It also has the added advantage of running on Linux, in addition to Windows and Mac OS. Continue reading “Gimpshop – Image editing for Free”


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon intro recreated with Mario Paint!

Credit: Mike Matei / Cinnemassacre/Gizmodo

Mike Matei has done one of the most awesome things ever, and it only took him 4 months to do it!  He created the 80’s/90’s intro for the TMNT cartoon on a Super Nintendo, by using Mario Paint and the Snes Mouse accessory! Continue reading “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cartoon intro recreated with Mario Paint!”

Superbeam – The fastest way to transfer files on Android


One of Androids greatest strengths other than its customization options is its sharing ability.  Whether you want to share with an app or a person there are a wealth of options available on your phone or tablet.   For most people, sharing a picture is where sharing begins and ends in most circumstances. Under most options, file sharing is extremely quick and easy on Android through text, email, nfc, bluetooth, dropbox, etc.   There are numerous options available out there for small files built into the OS or through third party apps, but what if you need to quickly transfer large files to another person in the same room?

Continue reading “Superbeam – The fastest way to transfer files on Android”

Ethernet over Power line adapters: Your best friend when WiFi just doesn’t cut it.


WiFi is great! Wifi is everywhere! Except when it’s not! Even the best of WiFi routers have zones in your home or apartment that are just too much for them to handle. It could be interference, it could be that the walls are too thick, a bad angle, other obstacles in the way, or just that your device simply doesn’t have a sensitive antenna. When all that you want to do is watch some Netflix or play some Call of Duty and your signal is low to nonexistent, it can be an extremely frustrating experience. So what is the solution for this problem? Continue reading “Ethernet over Power line adapters: Your best friend when WiFi just doesn’t cut it.”

Scalpers profit as the NES Classic Edition sells out in Minutes.


nes-classic-editionLast Friday, November 11th, Nintendo released their plug and play NES Classic Edition. On that Veteran’s day, many lined up in front of retailers to buy their copy only to be turned away due to it being sold out.  The reason for this?  Low amounts were shipped to stores, generally from 2 to 6 per store in most reports.  Stores with stock of 15 or more were extremely uncommon. Preorders  were not offered, so standing in line was the only option for would be buyers. Continue reading “Scalpers profit as the NES Classic Edition sells out in Minutes.”

James Rolfe unlocks the secrets of the Universe… With the Berenstain Bears.


Yes, you read that correctly.  In his latest (as of this post) video review, the Angry Video Game Nerd uncovers a truth so terrifying, that it could change the history of mankind forever!

All joking aside, and without ruining the surprise, he does review the games. This eventually goes into the Mandela Effect , and alternate realities. From the comments, and a Google search, you do learn that this is a real thing to a lot of people, and an interesting theory at the very least.

Video linked below for reference.